Google Virtual Reality

At Winchester Cathedral

Its been a long project – bringing people inside Winchester Cathedral with Google Virtual Reality.

Winchester Cathedral is a jewel in the crown of Britain’s national built wealth.

A centre of religious worship, civic ceremony and great historical significance.

As a forward thinking visitor attraction, the team have been keen to keep up to date with how people see the world around them.

Google Street View is now worldwide brand and many of us use it every day without a second thought.

Recently Google Maps has has gone beyond the streets with their now familiar cars to licensing professional photographers to capture the interiors of places we can all see 24/7 worldwide.

Most of us have now moved from using mostly desktop computers to mobile, as mobile phones developed into Smart Phones

The most recent move is the Street View App for mobiles – which has had a Virtual Reality viewer inbuilt in the App.

For a few £’s you can get a Google Cardboard viewer and see around many places almost as if you were there for real.

You can see more about it HERE and how fun it is 🙂

VR Viewer

There is a huge restoration in progress of the Presbytery where centuries of water ingress has damaged the timber vaulting. English Heritage and the Heritage Lottery Fund have awarded substantially toward the cost.

As a living architectural Visitor Attraction the Cathedral must remain open to the public and it was decided to document the change, you may see some of the restoration works in the Menu.

There were many warming tales from the huge team of people that works and volunteers in all seasons to keep the Cathedral open. All of the tour guides here are volunteers who donate their time to show people around, many of them have never seen the Roof Bosses for example and now they can do so freely.

The modern legend of William Walker, the diver who probably saved Winchester Cathedral from water undermining, working in total darkness in up to 6 metres of water for 5 years he excavated and concrete filled the flooded foundations. He would cycle in from Kent on a sunday, work all week then cycle back to kiss his wife every friday and do it all again until the job was done.

Still today the Crypt can flood and people can travel from all over the world to see it and be turned away disappointed – well now everyone can glimpse inside the oldest part of the Saxon Cathedral anytime they wish to.

Really you must get along to see it all with your own eyes as most of the stories and the human drama cannot be appreciated via a computer screen – we need to see, touch and feel – however, without the internet we probably would never know what wonderful sights we are missing.

So without further ado please do have a look around.