Weymouth Homeless Holiday Town

Why are there so many homeless people around today?

I was out last night doing some investigative journalism

at the request of a leading councillor and former Mayor

of Weymouth and Portland borough council.


We were originally seeking out homeless Armed Forces Veterans.

It is no secret there are a few disadvantaged people often seen in the town.

The subject is not short on controversial opinions from many.

“They choose to be homeless”

“Why should we help them”

“I work hard – why can’t they”

The truth is often that they are all different people with nobody to call on, like us.

In 30 minutes we managed to identify people who were once known local family people with jobs and homes.


We had to talk to 3 groups before we found a good source of information.

To be frank the findings were shocking!

He seemed quite clear and lucid when he told us the knows of around 70 homeless people.

Victorian life in the 21st Century!

If one has life experience its not hard to see the truth in their stories.

Nobody wants to be without a roof over their heads – to have appalling health.

Some people may disagree with society, they may have built up a resentment.


In a town of 67,000 people, it should not be hard to find a place for 70 people.

Thats just 1 in a thousand that can help in some way.

We wish to assess the scale of homelessness in the area.

We have an Armed Forces Covenant Champion and local Council backing.

There have been successful projects recently where homeless people just housed in one month.

The profit to the local community was instantaneous – massive crime reduction.

See how it worked for them here –  sounds easy right?

The First Canadian City to Eliminate Homelessness –Here’s How They Did It

In the USA in the middle of a nationwide financial crisis 7 cities and states housed ALL their veterans

Read about that here


There has been much hammering and banging in the dark to form a new Veterans Aid Agency in Dorset.

“The Armed Forces Covenant Hub” is a lobbying and direct help office staffed by former veterans and Healthcare Trust Managers.


Andy Gritt and his team have had great success in cleaning up the operation of the Armed Forces Covenant – to which the county of Dorset is fully signed up to, meaning the veterans who are suffering as a result of conditions arising from service are entitled to priority treatment in both health and social care.

See a short film I shot about it a while ago – I am just about to shoot an update.