So now you have your very own Virtual Reality Viewer.

This is a simple but brilliant creation call Google Cardboard.

Looks almost home made?

Its designed by an Engineer at Google in spare time-

Then they gave it to the world for people to develop.

Its Virtual Reality with a piece of cardboard and what you have in your pocket.

See how easy it is in this short video – easy when you see how 🙂

You might ask yourself “Who uses VR? What about the big brands?”

Take a look at Tesco using it for journalistic advertising.

Check the settings cog wheel bottom right for size and clarity.

What about uses for me? How do everyday people use VR?

Well, how about a wedding as part of a wedding package.

Its just not possible to have everyone there on the big day.

It is possible to to have both still and video 360 in VR

You can show and share to those not there.

Imagine being able to walk through the very church you got married in.

With a VR Video you can instantly take a step back to your wedding day.

Easily upload to your social media accounts and shared with all you friends and family.

Now those who could not attend your wedding day can be there in VR.

A VR 360 Video helps you to share your special day with all the special people in your life.

Virtual tour of The Church for memories


Click on the pic to see your wedding guests in VR


How do I get VR on my smartphone? Its pretty easy – lets get it done for you.

For me as with most people – good old Google seems to be the best-

Simple, robust and reliable. 

—    —   —

First you will need a Google Cardboard or similar –

see HERE If you dont already have one of mine.

Then you will need to download the Google Street View App.


iPhone – App Store  vr-app-store

vr-play-storeAndroid – Google Play

Run through the set up screen and the little how to tour.

—   —   —

One clickgoogle-vrwhere you see this

 and you have VR

We have already been hard at work on developing Virtual Reality with Google.

There are many practical uses for VR –

Imagine having a VR headset to show off your venue at a wedding fair?

See how all of this venue can be shown in VR with a click and a viewer.

You can see the whole package embedded in a website and finished by ourselves HERE

See just the package below. This can be emailed and share all over Social Media.

One clickgoogle-vrwhere you see this

 and you have VR