And its just about to go viral

We have all seen films like Inception – The Matrix – Tron. These films show VR in the future – but we can use it today.

How? There is a modern myth about opening up on the internet.

Well, the same happened with the invention of photography in the Victorian Age –

“If you show that picture people will see it for free and they wont come”

In fact photography started a boom in tourism 200 years ago!

Well, some things never change – the internet is the same media window- now as then, people will come in their droves – if they know it’s there!

Travel anywhere in seconds…

virtual-reality-gaming-headset, 360


Its not just for Sci Fi and Role Playing Games -the potential is huge.

Tourist seasons – how do we get people down here in off-seasons?

Go to them, take an Ambassador with a VR headset-

Show them your quality- right there and then!

Quick and quirky…


Facebook video views

 Lets look at the big businesses that shape the future based around what we like today.

Everyone has heard of Facebook. What a massive success it is- 10 years ago if you would of said – “I am going to make an internet site where people can talk and share photos – and potentially half of the worlds population will use it every day” people would of laughed.

Well, thats true- right now!

Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook has said just last week that “Virtual Reality Is The Next Platform”

See what he says about it…

Its easy to rubbish a great invention saying it will never catch on!


Who believes it? Virtual Reality?

Lets look into the future...

Well, I go to schools and tell them all about Google, some students are watching flies race through the air – I talk about VR and I see they are listening – then I get out a headset and I think I am going to get mobbed – eyes wide all around – after its like they have just been on a parachute jump!

They are alive when they see places for the first time…

“But they are only kids- what do they know?”

They are the future and what they like is what works in the future!

What about Football? Its just a field with a ball and 20 men kicking it around?

See here a sample of VR 360’s I have enabled for iPhone – you will need a Google Cardboard viewer – I have my own branded viewers coming soon – watch this space…




Click On Round Me To Go Full Screen

Full immersion for mobile devices...

You will need an App to see it in a VR headset >>>

For iPhone

Click on pic

app copy

For Android


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Lets Get Your Virtual Showroom Online!

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Happy able to discuss all enquiries from the South West to the whole south coast of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. I have worked in collaboration with colleagues to cover nationwide chains with over 100 stores.

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