Star Trek Tech is here now!

For me the most outstanding announcement at Google I/O last week in San Francisco was probably the tiniest in size and in the manner it was received.

An astounding development that we will see within the next year.

“technology is leaving us behind” Well, it is getting more sophisticated behind the scenes but simpler and making life much easier in everyday use…

Now there is radar that can read and record nearby movements- of hands in this case.

The device can identify and recognise patterns of movement and interpret them as actions.

The possibilities can do away with many manual control devices as there are no moving parts to wear out or break.

“The hand can both embody a virtual tool, and it can also be acting on that virtual tool at the same time,” Carsten Schwesig, design lead on Project Soli explains.

For what it does it is tiny at just 20mm square. It can see through objects such as clothing- which is very interesting as Levi are also in development of a cloth that can be integrated with mobile devices… hmmm…


Enough waffle- have a look at these GIFs and then prepare to be awed with a video…

google, wearable, radar, sensor

Source: Google

From simple gestures to multi functionality…

Sign language?

radar, sensor, google, wearable




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