Skate Park 360 Video

An Appeal To The Wider Community

Skate parks and skateboarding – many of us grew up with a skateboard

Some of us can remember it’s heyday of the 1970’s

For so many others it’s been a fun and easily accessible Sport

It has kept us off the streets  and in this case  giving us a constructive pastime.

What’s happened here is quite incredible.

From the outside it looks like a crumbling industrial building.

But open the doors and it’s full of life!

An indoor skate paradise.

Air Ramps, Half Pipe and even a Bowl.

All made by themselves.

18 Years In The Making

Over the past 17 and a half years the small collective of young people at The Trick Factory in Bridport have really enjoyed a skatepark they have built on their own.

They have not only built it but also maintained it taking on the responsibility of renting a building and sourcing all the timber.

Building an incredible indoor Skatepark where they can meet and practise a great sport and socialise.

I saw no drink or drug use and they were so incredibly polite and cooperative – a social utopia – success!

Some of these young men learnt self motivation, picked up hammers and saws to bend and mould the ramps and internal supports and here they have learnt a trade and have gone on to be builders, carpenters and tradesmen.

A Social Success Coming To An End….?

It’s quite sad that due to development and a building that needs rebuilding over the last 4 years the landowners have had to say “Please, you really need to find somewhere else”

The landowners have been Guardians when no one else would give them a chance

but safety is an important issue and a building that is crumbling must be redeveloped.

Who Wants 18 Years Of Rent?

Still these young people are not lacking initiative and have taken up a campaign and an appeal to find a new site for their skate park.

After doing some digging around and using my knowledge of Google we have made some connections.

They have a framework for a fundraising and construction project but there is just one thing missing – your inclusion.

Everybody knows something that can help. Feel free to jump in!

VR on the cheap

I also work with Google VR – developing Virtual Reality with 360 Video.

You may even put your smartphone inside a piece of Google Cardboard  and be virtually there.

See more about this amazing inclusive, immersive Virtual Reality experience HERE


See here a Skate Park in Crewkerne.

They did so why cant we?

See This 360 Video.

Drag The Screen or Tilt Your Mobile.


Click On The Cog Or 3 Dots To Select The Best Qaulity

Lets hear what they have to say in a 360 interview.


Get Attention On Social Media Too

Get onboard and be part of a project to keep Bridports kids working for themselves.

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