Rebranding to WoodStudio.Co

We are growing.

38 years as a Photographer.

12 years as a Professional.

— — —

4 Years working on Google Maps.

In that time we have helped over 300 local businesses.

We have taken on staff and grown to beyond just one.

— — —

The internet has connected many of us using interactive media.

Visual media has changed from printed photos to moving media.

We have been at the forefront of development with the worlds biggest.

We have taken on staff, we are now a media agency 🙂


 The rise of Virtual Reality is no secret to some.

We have worked hard to partner with serious talent.

Moving to the UK’s fastest growing digital economy.

Bournemouth is a rich and fertile digital incubator.

 Everyone loves a video 🙂

Some people are asking – What is VR?

Sometimes pictures explain better than words.

So click or tap here to to find out what the buzz is about.


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If you want to collaborate with us check this link https://www.twine.fm/WoodStudio 🙂