We have partnered up with ShootProof and Loxley Studio.

We have a Smart Portfolio for you to browse

where you can order in over 120 different sizes

of Paper Prints, Canvas and Metallic Prints

in sizes from pocket to huge.

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We here at Luke Woods Studio have come a long way from 1978 helping my uncle on Fleet Street.

There have been many changes with computerisation

We have seen film just about vanish with the advent of the DSLR.

Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera.

— — —

Once we needed a Lab and a Darkroom –

Today we  can have most of that in a Computer

Sometimes in a LapTop – but there is one thing missing

We still need a studio – peace and quiet to work long hours –

often well into the night to deliver dreams to customers

and work to demanding deadlines for our partners.

— — —

With the internet connecting most of the world there have been many changes.

Once we had to visit our travel agents to pick up printed pamphlets – now we go online.

Today we can do most of our shopping on a Smartphone in minutes.

— — —

While working with Google on the Street View program we were dreaming about the past.

We all like to dream about how life was – change is sometimes hard to adjust to – but we love it.

With Digital Imaging Technology we are able to many things that were impossible just a few years ago.

—  —  —

Here at WoodStudio.Co we are not only changing with the times but shaping the future.

The way we see the world is changing – we have developed Virtual Reality with VR Video

With a smartphone we can virtually visit almost anywhere – in just a few seconds.

— — —

One thing that has and never changed is quality – we all need quality for a real experience.

We may not know why a photo is wrong but most of us call tell when it is not right.

Here at WoodStudio we have put together a Portfolio to comfort you in our skills.

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We even have a Mobile App in the making – will update here when done.

Please feel free to click and explore our ‘folio – if you wish to own a print

please explore the options – we have chosen over 120 popular sizes

in Paper Print, Canvas and the new format of Gloss Metallic Print.

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