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Google Business View

 I am qualified as a Google Trusted Photographer- I can shoot your business in full 360° panorama to see more about it click HERE


  • Publicity
  • Leaflets
  • Business cards
  • Website
  • Advertisements
  • Property 
  • Estate Agent


Shoot for web/leaflet/business card/banner/billboard. Shooting to market your business is a serious undertaking.  I am experienced in shooting and working with your web designer/printer as per customer spec. Excellence in service not to be underestimated and a current and fresh Web Image is crucial. 

The first hour is just £75 including any preparation/consultation

A half day rate of £250

A full 8 hour day of shooting for £450 

I have two special packages for property photo shoots, bearing in mind the complexity of getting the right weather and balance of external/internal lighting- 

I  can shoot at your convenience with risky results or conduct a weather/map survey to plan the optimal timing for the finest results.

Both packages at a discounted B2B rate- please do not hesitate to contact me for further details

You can book or contact me HERE  or right away by mobile 07950 111 321



  • Fashion
  • Automotive
  • House ware
  • Tools
  • Car/Boat/Bike
  • Domestic/Commercial 

Getting your products to stand out from your competitors- does your franchised or wholesale bought product come with flat lifeless imagery? You may have your own ideas according to experience of how best to market your wares- so lets talk- I am sure we can breathe some life in to limp images

Again, the first hour is just £75 including any preparation/consultation

A half day rate of £250

A full 8 hour day of shooting for £450

Again, also a B2B rate applies so contact me HERE  or right away by mobile 07950 111 321



  • Schools
  • Open Days
  • Civic and Civil
  • Birthday
  • Christening
  • Family
  • Engagement
  • Romantic moment
  • Pets
  • Children
  • Beach/Garden/House (you name it- weather permitting)
  • Work Party
  • Corporate
  • Interior/Exterior
  • Static/Mobile
  • Film Location and studio
  • Social Media Secure Events ( Can Arrange A Security Team At Extra Cost )

Event photography can be challenging- indoor access and outdoor locations can try the best of us at times- first rate forward planning and specialist preparation are the name of the game here.

You may have some concerns about security and discretion? Put your mind at rest; being a card carrying member of HM Army Reserve I uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and conduct at all times, I like this for a motto- “put a smile on a greeting and enjoy every meeting”


  • Sports
  • Schools
  • Boat
  • Open Days
  • Corporate
  • Interior/Exterior
  • Static/Mobile

Ready and able for any and all sporting events- see below for recent coverage of long distance marathons right down to ferret racing- got any event at all- lets get planning without delay


Again, the first hour is just £75 including any preparation/consultation

A half day rate of £250

A full 8 hour day of shooting for £450



Either at a location of your choice or at your home/work

  • Families
  • Maternal
  • Christening
  • Children
  • Newborn
  • Graduation
  • Pets

A Special Package For Home Visits In The Local Area (30 Mile Radius Of Weymouth) of just £45 with 10% discount when you have me print up the image of your choice on slate, print or canvas- see bottom of page-

This is one hour of my time with you

( it will be another hour processing and another hour traveling/producing = 3 Hours approx included )


Please Click HERE To Enquire or Call 07950 111 321 Anytime


These rates may seem high but they are actually very competitive and reasonable. For this you have a photographer for a day with all the following equipment worth many thousands of  £’s for the shoot and editing…

  • DSLR Cameras.
  • Full range of lenses.
  • Flash rig.
  • Lighting equipment.
  • Trigger equipment.
  • Tripods.
  • Memory cards/Sticks. CD, DVD, HD, Cloud
  • Time processing/producing photographs.
  • Mac Computer and editing software.
  • Public liability insurance.
  • Vehicle.
  • Studio space and expenses.

In post production it can go two ways- •    I can bring a Mac Laptop along and can briefly edit down all images according to your pre-informed guidelines and copy to CD/DVD/HD

•    I can take direction from your self and edit/produce images for your approval. This may incur additional day rates according to the volume of images and work requested.