Jurassica Funding – Exciting developments!

The project that has half of the county on the edge of their seats with anticipation has today announced the support of a massive Dorset family business.


Hall and Woodhouse announce support for Jurassica

Independent family brewers Hall & Woodhouse, has announced its corporate sponsorship for prehistoric visitor attraction Jurassica, an ambitious project based in a disused quarry in Portland.

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Jurassica is an ambitious plan to sculpt an extraordinary showcase for the Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“The idea is quite simple: we plan to take a large and deep hole in the ground, an old limestone quarry on Portland, put a glass and steel lid on it – and then fill it with wonderful things”

Michael Hanlon, CEO Jurassica.

Taken 21/04/15 Source Jurassica.org

 Hall & Woodhouse has agreed to provide financial support to help fund the project.

Anthony Woodhouse, Managing Director, said “Jurassica is visionary. It will result in significant investment in Portland, create jobs, and be a major tourist destination. We are delighted to be able to support a project which will benefit not only Portland, but the whole of Dorset.”


Founded in 1777, Hall & Woodhouse today remains an independent family brewer owned and run by the seventh generation of the Woodhouse family. As one of the leading independent brewers in the UK, Hall & Woodhouse is well known for its range of award-winning beers brewed under the Badger brand and its network of more than 200 public houses throughout the South of England.
It is estimated that Jurassica will cost £80m and will open in 2021.  The project has received substantial funding from Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership as part of the Strategic Economic Plan for jobs and growth and has already secured substantial financial backing from a number of Dorset businesses as well as partnerships with Bournemouth University and the Natural History Museum.
Michael Hanlon, the project’s chief executive and founder, is delighted with the support. He said: “Forget visions and scientific integrity, without cold, hard cash projects are no more than websites. We are hugely grateful for the ongoing support from Colonial Leisure Limited, owners of the Pennsylvania Castle estate on Portland.  And now Hall & Woodhouse, a brilliant Dorset brewing firm, have announced that setbacks be-damned; we can count on their financial support in the months ahead, and we thank them for sharing our vision.”


” We will be open by 2021. That is my promise, to Dorset, the UK and to the people of Weymouth and Portland. No one said this would be easy. It isn’t. But it is possible. And what is possible will, with a will, become a certainty,” Said Hanlon

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The project is gaining momentum and has the support of the following.

  • Weymouth and Portland Council
  • W & P Chamber of Commerce
  • Dorset County Council
  • Wessex Entrepreneurs
  • The Eden project
  • Savills
  • Withers LLP
  • Arup
  • Glevum Consulting
  • Morris Lane
  • The Royal Society
  • Natural History Museum
  • Bristol University
  • Bournemouth University
  • Investec

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Read all about it HERE in the local press and for more detailed info please see the Jurassica website.