#iRemember – technology marches on.

So we Remember in the 21st Century and every century everafter.

In peacetime there may be divided opinion on war.

In Great Britain, United Kingdom, England – we may differ 364 days a year.

That leaves one day we do not debate, Remembrance Day.

Yes is it a great tragedy we would rather forget.

Wether we agree on war or not we cannot change what happened.

World War 1 – Cost us 11 Million military lives.

It was “the war to end all wars”

Just 21 years later…

Word War 2 – 155 Million deaths worldwide.

They seem pointless to us and I am sure to many people then it did too.

But one thing will never change – they died and we must never forget.

#iremember Canada WW2 Cemetery. Normandy in France.

 A salute to our beloved friends in peace and comrades in war. The Bény-sur-Mer Canadian World War 2 Cemetery.

A total of 2048 war graves contain soldiers from the 3rd Canadian Division and 15 airmen killed during the Battle of Normandy.

Juno beach was the Canadian sector on D Day.

During the biggest invasion in the history of the world the action of the Canadian forces were of huge significance.
During the fight inland the casualties were huge and here of them many lie.

Bayeux British War Cemetery. Normandy. France

4,648 World War Two Warriors lie sleeping. This cemetery holds the graves of the brave Soldiers fallen assaulting the British sector on D Day at Sword Beach in Normandy and the ensuing battle to establish a road inland. The biggest invasion in the history of the world, for peace. 6th June 1944 a day to be never forgotten.

Here is one of my tributes to my British Army forbears. I served in a later war that pales into insignificance when one considers the scale of the Normandy Campaign.

The fight inland that at its peak cost a further 3000 lives a day.

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