Green, renewable, eco, alternative, wind, hydro, solar energy showrooms and installations.

↓Its looking to be an essential growth area in the coming years as fossil fuels dwindle.

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All of these fine establishments have benefitted well from a Google Virtual Tour

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Green energy, alternative heating suppliers- all will benefit from a Google virtual tour- see how panoramic photography can benefit your business

Renewable energy is the only way forward, with dwindling fossil fuel reserves we must face facts and change while we can to sustainable alternatives. Technology develops and we must invest in greener alternatives. Major energy suppliers like E.On for example are openly speaking about such moves into alternatives that are cleaner and greener for the future.

“E.ON itself will further develop each of its three core businesses: renewables, distribution networks and customer solutions, to respond to ‘dramatically altered global energy markets, technical innovation, and more diverse customer expectations.’

This will be done by increasing investments for the next year by about €0.5bn and expanding its wind and solar businesses in Europe and other target markets.

Teyssen said: “The transformation of the energy system will continue to require reliable backup capacity well into the future as well as access to global markets for energy products.

“With a portfolio consisting of conventional power generation, global energy trading, and exploration and production, the New Company will focus precisely on meeting these needs.” on 03/12/2014