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Do you remember virtual reality? Hands up who does? ITS BACK!!!

There has been gossiping going on among top social media influencers over the past two months.

Facebook had a go when they bought the multi billion $ flop Oculus VR – Google gave hints at the I/O Keynote Developer Forum this summer that is was up to something.

We have seen glimpses of something called ‘Cardboard’ in the press and many have ignored it-

“uh, cardboard?… yaaaaawn…”

So what is cardboard and why the buzz? Well, its another simple but brilliant innovation by Google, and- surprisingly- Android.

The cardboard bit is the simple part of the plan and the other simple bit is an App called Cardboard 🙂 and to accompany it a simple press-out cardboard frame with some pop-in lenses that holds your device.

Search for where you want to visit using the app and the viewing screen effectively doubles the image, one for each eye. The screen is direction locked via GPS so that wherever you look the device looks- so in fact although you have not physically moved your vision is now seeing any place you want to-in a virtual reality.

Owing to the brilliance of many skilled photographers throughout the world who have created panospherical pathways and embedded them in Googles main frame servers we can now virtually walk around anywhere.

You can access these Virtual Tours via Google Earth and Street View- so you pick somewhere you wold like to see, load the device- pop it into the Cardboard Viewer and bam! You are in a virtual reality.

Low Cost Virtual Reality Is Really Here

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Source: Google+ Cardboard. Taken 18/12/2014

“Virtual reality has made exciting progress recently. But developing for VR still requires expensive, hardware,” A Google spokeman said on the project’s page.  Wishing from the start to keep the experience open to all a group of enthusiasts began experimenting with using a smartphone that most people have to drive the experience. Taken  18/12/2014

The result is Cardboard, which in its current state requires some DIY elbow grease, and is ripe for DIY development- I can just see kids at School making their own- I have even seen Steampunk’s making Victorian Cardboard????

In order to build it you need a pair of lenses with a 40mm focal distance to keep the phone’s screen in focus. The kit also requires magnets, velcro, a rubber band. The magnet and rubber band serve as a makeshift hardware button for your phone, something decidedly analog.

There are quite a few small businesses out there making them- smashing another myth about Google- they want to see the small businesses thrive….

The future scope for such a simple innovation is immense:

  • Earth: Fly wherever wanted to on Google Earth.
  • Tour Guide: Visit New York with a local guide.
  • YouTube: YouTube videos in your own cinema.
  • Exhibit: Examine museum artefacts from every angle.
  • Games: VR game play on mobile

 Take a look here at how it works


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