Facebook Vs Google

Its a big question so lets have a quick look at the facts in the simplest way possible.

In this case study we will look at how Facebook and Google compare for marketing a small business in a medium sized town that is typical across the whole country.

Some background facts.

  • Gym or fitness club.
  • Town centre.
  • 1,000 likes or fans.
  • FB page created a year ago.
  • Posts out self made average quality photos and the odd low quality video.
  • Frequency of posting- 2 or 3 posts a week for a month.
  • Then nothing for 3-4 months.

Decides to make a big effort to post out more often. Better photos.

Hears a few success stories, tried newspaper adverts, radio.

Heard a few good things about Facebook advertising.

Decides to give it a go…


Lets look at a post on a business page with 889 likes.

Lets BOOST that post and see how much reach we can get.

Dont forget we are only trying to reach people who can come in regularly.

We cannot select Dorchester that has a population of just 19,143.

So, we must select Bournemouth +50 Km


Adjust the details to get the right audience.


Lets see the total reach for £3 a day

£3 copy

Lets see the total reach for £13 a day


The population in Bournemouth and Poole only is 208,685 from the 2013 census.

The ad is showing 150,000 for Bournemouth +50 Km?

How many of those people can really be reached – I will run an ad for 1 Day with £3 limit.

Starting at 07:00 am and running for 24hrs lets see how far it reaches.


The Results 

328 people reached out of 208,000

2 photo clicks

1 Like

1 Share

Cost £1.38 or £0.00042p per person


If you wanted to reach just 10% who may be the right people for a gym

It will cost £88.35 for 21,000 people to see it.

There are 19,143 people in Dorchester (Google it)

To reach 10% will cost £ 8.05 per day

Times that by 31 days for a month =

£246.63 per month £2,995.64 a year

See what Google can do for a fraction of that cost- 

The following graphs speak for themselves. 

See more HERE




smart-phone search-broad

50% Search Engines

52% Social Networks

You may be struggling on Facebook.

You may be doing ok on Twitter – 


With our Google contractor privileges 

AND our inside knowledge  – we can beat that for you!

I offered this business a Google 360 Virtual Tour for £295

Not because that is what I can get for it

But what it costs me in time to shoot and process and upload it.

It gives the following benefits:

  • Google Maps is THE most used App in the world
  • Free phone calls to your business worldwide
  • 1 click turns a smartphone into a Sat Nav
  • An open window into your business 24/7
  • Search engine ranking position
  • Mainframe data in the heart of Google
  • Up-ranking your website when embedded
  • Social Media share on all platforms
  • No monthly or annual hosting costs

If you want to pay the same every month use Facebook

If you want to pay once call us and lets get started today.

Stand Out In Google Search

Over 600,000 searches in Dorset every day!

There are 754,460 people in Dorset – 81% or 611,112 are online every day-

How often do we say “Google it” ? How often do you use Google a day?

You can see that Google will reach more than 328 people in 24 hrs!

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