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We are already “on” Google!

  • So is every bus stop and street in the country.
  • But can people See Inside 24/7 from anywhere in the world?


I already have a Video- 

  • Great, video can tell a story but its the same story every time.
  • We are all different – do we like to be told what to see?
  • people can look around in their own time, at their own pace.
  • YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world – Google is number 1
  • I can add in your video into a custom built Virtual Tour – great SEO!


I am already advertising in a newspaper/magazine-

  • A client quoted me 17,000 people read the local daily paper.
  • There are 3 billion people on the internet!
  • When people read your paper ad what do they do?
  • Google it- if you are not there they see who is.


Is it a film/video/movie/webcam?

  • It is like HD photos stitched together into globes that are laid out on Google Maps – its just like Street View.


You can’t drive the street view car inside here?

  • Yep, thats right 🙂
  • Street View camera arrays are very Lo Def and only work where the lighting is the same.
  • Inside any building there are bright windows and dark corners.
  • That takes a skilled pro to get it just right.
  • Try it on your phone half window/half inside.


Do I need to have an empty or closed shop?

  • No, but its not ideal to take a lot of difficult photos with people moving around-
  • A quiet time is prefect.


Can I do it myself- would you cut your own hair?

  • We are all selected for our professional skills.
  • Most of us already in business as full time professional photographers.
  • Most importantly we are able to upload your Google 360 into Google Maps
  • Right in the heart of the biggest search engine in the world.
  • This gives you an advantage when people are searching.
  • For hairdressers they will find you first.


Will the photo shoot disrupt my business operation?

  • For most businesses it is pretty quick to shoot.
  • The bigger time is in processing and uploading.
  • A corner shop can take less than an hour.
  • I can shoot at silly o clock in the morning and be gone before you get busy.


Will people be included in the photo shoot?

  • It is Googles privacy policy that all faces and number plates of cars etc are blurred out.
  • However if you require a staff pano photo or stills.
  • This can be arranged in addition to the Google 360 Core shoot and added in to a Menu Nav App.
  • See HERE or look in Gallery for more.


Can I embed this in my website/facebook business profile?

  • Yes, I have not had a problem with website embeds yet.  
  • I have a Facebook App for embeds only works on desktop-
  • FB themselves do not support Apps of any kind on mobile.


How much will it cost?

  • That depends on the size of your business.
  • A Virtual Tour of say – a corner shop –
  • Can be two points outside and two inside that starts from just £195 incl vat.
  • A good sized pub with two bars and an entrance can be as little as £345


What about online hosting cost?

  • Good question – Google will never charge you for hosting.

Is average good enough in the digital media age?

The internet is a race – don’t get left behind!


Can you afford a full production crew?

I did not think anyone could seriously consider imagery like this…


Click on the photo and try not to laugh….

If you would like to be taken seriously and show your quality…

Please get in contact with us – would be pleased to help you 🙂