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Give your customers 24 hour access to your business with a glorious high definition 360 video!
I Want A 360 Video!

What Is Facebook 360 Video?

As on Add On to our Google 360 Tour service, Facebook 360 Video has long been one of the most memorable and effective ways to sell products and spread awareness of your brand, but with Facebook VR development things just got even better! Now you can put your customers into the action by letting them explore your content and view your products from every angle with a stunning Facebook 360 video! Available across desktop and on all the latest Android and iOS devices, Facebook 360 video offers fantastic new ways for businesses to interact with their fans, making content more immersive and engaging. The numbers don’t lie, and businesses are seeing massive increases in social media interaction as more people are not only engaging with the content, but also revisiting it to relive the experience from new and exciting perspectives! Facebook 360 videos are a fast and highly shareable partner to a Google 360 Tour.

Why Do I Need It?

  • Virtual Reality is big news
  • Quick and Quirky look around
  • Interactive Video has 7 time more viewers
  • 5 times more re-viewers
  • Ideal share video of your Google 360 Tour

How Does Facebook 360 Work?

This highly shareable Video is an Add On to the Google 360 virtual tour service we provide We record the scene in beautiful high definition using a special 360 degree camera system which captures every angle of the scene simultaneously. We then take the footage and use special editing software to stitch all the images together into one amazing interactive video which people can pan and rotate as it plays. We then upload this onto your Facebook channel where users can interact and discover more from your brand and its products. Facebook 360 photos will automatically play when scrolled by in your news feed, with a special icon in the bottom left which shows people that they can interact with the content. Viewers can then pan and rotate the video using their mouse or finger to change the video’s perspective and experience the video from every angle, as it plays!

Facebook 360 operates just like a normal video, but allows users to interact with the video by moving the camera to view the content in full 360 degree spectrum. Now you can allow your followers to not only see all you latest projects, but encourage them to experience the video as they want to see it, from the angle of their choosing. Now you can truly invite your customers into the action! You can even use 360 video to showcase your products, building customer trust by allowing your customers to see your products from every angle. Facebook 360 is also fully compatible with all VR headsets allowing you to literally invite your customers to step into the action for a totally immersive experience. Video has never been so realistic!

360 videos are more than twice as effective as their traditional counterparts, and are more cost effective and affordable than you might think! With Facebook and Google continuing to push 360, and with more businesses taking advantage of the fantastic interaction it presents, can you really afford not to get involved? Contact me today and find out how you can encourage both brand interaction and repeated engagement, and to see how you can reach a wider audience by leveraging Facebook 360 video to increase both your sales and customer base!


 Pub right in a busy road – benefits hugely from VR on social.

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I love helping traditional businesses catch up.

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New Burger Bar needs exposure – Google 360 Tour and FB 360 Video.

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