Estate Agents Advertising – how to show clients around from miles away?

What is the first thing people will see when looking for a property? Photograph- do good quality photo’s matter? Currently media is over 70% visual and 22% textual. it stands to reason that big pictures are what we see first, and if people can look around these pictures in their own way then you have engaged a viewer and made a lasting impression.

What better way to show clients around a development than with a detailed virtual tour? You can show people all around from anywhere in the world and increase potential client visits with just a click.

There may be 17,000 people reading the local newspapers but with 3 BILLION people on the internet its the place to be.

In 2014 54% of people went digital- we all know that if people read a newspaper ad the first thing they will do is to google it! So if you don’t have a good presence on Google then you don’t exist.

It is applicable on all manners of businesses.

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