Dorset as a #Dorset brand

A certain web image people expect when they think of Dorset- rolling hills, sleepy villages and deep blue sea.

 We have a gem of a county that is almost a secret.

People who come here on holiday come again but like to keep it a bit of a secret. #Dorset

From the Jurassic Coast to the rolling hills around Gillingham. We have Castles, cities, towns and villages.

A wealth of ancient settlements Blandford Forum, Sherborne,Gillingham, Shaftesbury and Sturminster Newton are historic market towns which serve the farms and villages of the Blackmore Vale in north Dorset.

Bridport  and Beaminster are over in the west. Verwood and the old Saxon market towns of Wareham and Wimborne are in the east.


What do people expect from Dorset?

As I remember from my childhood and after a few years talking to people on markets all over the county people have a common reason for coming here- ‘getting away from it all’ but more to the point coming to our wide open countryside and quiet old world charms.

People that come here and come back do so for 2 major reasons that are fast disappearing elsewhere


There are numerous recent articles about what people find the most attractive in Dorset.

MetroNewspaper  11 reasons why Dorset is the best place to live

With miles and miles of sandy beaches, some of the best weather in the UK and bursting with places to eat, drink and shop. on why the best to visit

Dorset is a unique county found on England’s south coast and it is officially England’s sunniest county. on our cosy pub accommodation

With an array of heritage, wildlife, nature and attractions, Dorset is perfect for all the family and you are sure to have a fantastic time no matter what you get up to!

I was at a media and marketing conference recently with some of the people responsible for having Bournemouth recognised as Britains Fastest Growing Digital Hub. 

I spent a good bit of time listening to conversations from the countries leading marketing experts and 2 common themes were running through much of the talk.

How wonderful Dorset is and how to get the message out there in the 21st century.

I even heard the phrase “Digitally Disappearing Dorset” used to describe how much of the best of the counties small businesses are simply not taking up digital media, meaning that while the spenders in cities across Uk and EU and the world are all using digital media to find services and products many rural businesses particularly in Dorset are not being found

In 2014 54% of people went digital and stopped reading newspaper and magazine ads- and if they do at all, the next thing is to Google it…

The digital conversion rate is way faster than anticipated… the biggest conversion group is 56-65 year olds- IE Grandparents catching up with their families.

I was even having coffee with a local Mayor recently and the subject of websites and digital media that works came up- he pulled out his smartphone and said “Look, I get on Google and select this Hotel then Explore Nearby and there is nothing- I do a name search for this area and all I get is places the same name in the USA”

We need to make Dorset a strong visible brand from a local IT media drive

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