Dentist Virtual Tour

We all have a little bit of hesitation about attending a dentist.

What if there was a way we could look around first?

Google Street View is now an everyday app for some of us.

Google Business View is a branch of the same platform.

But we cant drive the Google Car around your practise.

I had an enquiry from an international dental marketing expert –

Mark Oborn is a nice guy and his clients think highly of his work.

He was keen to look at new ways for his clients to connect with patients.

I looked at one practise in particular – SmileMore in St Johns Wood, London.

They had a website needing an update and a Virtual Tour does that nicely.

Google Virtual Tour

We captured a Google Virtual Tour of the practise right from the street into reception and further on into the treatment rooms.

Being mindful of people’s privacy we captured treatment rooms with nobody in them, then staff had some fun Doctors and Nurses.

We captured not just the business space but the people at work – a warm welcome with a Dentist Virtual Tour.

Menu App

The business owner like the idea of having the Google Tour embedded on the website,

See how it looks here – a nice update

so we created a custom Menu App to break down all the key areas for quick access.

We shot a little timelapse video of a USP at work – they are able to make crowns on site.

We added in local navigation and contact links for them too.

They had existing video and we were able to embed for them. We added in a VR feature – click on the mask.

Always looking future forward

Making everything as easy as possible for people is vital.

Staff headshots-

We had a request for staff headshots too – I have a portable mini studio.

We built it up quickly for them and had a fun photo shoot in very little time at all.

See here how it went up and down. Its never been more important to get good staff photos

We are happy to help all clinics to open up their doors to more and more people.

The internet is here to stay – and more and more people trust it as first choice every day.

Consult us and lets build a custom package for your practice.

You may think that Facebook and Twitter can reach out.

In fact they are both closed user account only networks-

If people do find your posts they will have to be connected as ‘friends’ first.

Then you have to name every single one of them – every time.

Facebook started charging people for “reach” in June 2014

and hardly anybody noticed!

Allow us to help you get seen 🙂

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