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What Is a Cinemagraph?

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine how much a moving picture could be worth! A cinemagraph is exactly that – a high quality photo which features some subtle and repetitive motion, almost as if the viewer is watching a video. Whilst animated images may not be new, cinemagraphs add a new level of quality and video-like motion which was previously not attainable in imagery, truly bringing each image to life. Enquire today and find out how a high quality, affordable cinemagraph can help you to increase engagement and boost your customer base today!

Why Do I Need It?

  • Moving images catch the eye
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Unique website feel
  • Attract new business
  • All generations respond

How Do Cinemagraphs Work?

Look at nature – humans may evolve but we do not change some of our most basic behaviours. We are still Hunter/Gatherers – when we a re looking on the internet we are gathering information, until something moves! – then we are Hunting! If you want your website to catch the attention of people that hunting to buy rather than gathering for whatever then moving images are vital to stand out from the many websites out there.

The big names are hunting for you already – See Who

Whilst animated images are nothing new, having come to the internet through the addition of GIFs, they have always traditionally featured low quality images with jittery motion and ropy frame rates. A cinemagraph is a GIF reimagined – using beautiful high quality photographs to provide a stunning and memorable image which really catches the eye! Using proper video recordings, rather than the more traditional separated image frames, a cinemagraph offers smooth frame rates without missing frames. This creates a beautiful living image which really stands out! The difference in quality and aesthetics is obvious, and it’s easy to see why cinemagraphs get so much more interaction and engagement than their GIF counterparts.

Since the addition of social platforms such as Vine and Instagram, and adoption by sites such as Twitter and Facebook, short-form video has become one of the most popular and viral forms of marketing. Cinemagraphs are now a vital component of any social media campaign, catering to ever decreasing attention spans whilst still delivering your brand message and resulting in massive boosts in social media engagement. Why settle for just an image when you can catch more eyes and drive greater traffic using a beautiful, interactive and memorable cinemagraph? Contact us today and find out how subtle motion in your imagery can drive a not so subtle upturn in visitors and engagement!

Bas Westerik

“As a fellow Trusted Photographer I admire Luke’s work. It’s always topnotch and you can clearly see he makes the extra mile. If you are in his area and you want the best, Luke is your man.”

– Bas Westerik, De Panorama Fotograaf

John Vincent

“Luke is a fine photographer and has a product and approach which will really make a difference to almost any business. Speak with him.”

– John Vincent, Vector 7

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