Many of our Churches are literally monuments to our local and national history as a people

We all go there for births deaths and marriages so lets preserve them for all time on the internet for all to see for all time


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St John The Baptist. Fortuneswell. Portland.

Go all the way down the aisle for a surprise

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 All Saints. Easton. Portland. Dorset

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St Andrews Church of the Avalanche, Southwell, Portland.

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All of these fine establishments have benefitted well from a Google Virtual Tour

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Church, chapel, mausoleum- all will benefit from a Google virtual tour- see how panoramic photography can benefit any monument.

There are many different types monument. I find each and every one of them to hold its own magical charm and all are of great significance to the nation and its people.

I personally find Church architecture fascinating, from early English to high gothic, to victorian renaissance – each style has its own distinct signature and I will take nothing less than the appropriate time to capture each building in its own magnificence.

Here at we pride ourselves on working with the clients knowledge, it is vital that we adhere to the clients vast knowledge of how their business works best. From modern well lit interiors to shadowy vintage corners, we will seek excellence in all commissions, you are safe with us.