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Dorset as a #Dorset Brand

In 2014 54% of people went digital and stopped reading newspaper and magazine ads- and if they do at all, the next thing is to Google it…

The digital conversion rate is way faster than anticipated… the biggest conversion group is 56-65 year olds- IE Grandparents catching up with their families.

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Carphone Warehouse Success Story

This is a breakthrough in reversing the trend of online spend and high street shop closures.

Phones are a physical product and although technology changes fast, thankfully humans do not- we all like to be able to touch, feel, see, ask before making a commitment with such a vital device as a mobile phone.

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Estate Agents Advertising

What better way to show clients around a development than with a detailed virtual tour.
You can show people all around from anywhere in the world and increase potential client visits with just a click. It is applicable on all manners of businesses.

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Google Plus Is Done ?

“Google+ is being broken up into hangouts, photos and streams”
My reaction= Great! then people will understand how to use it!

“Google+ is nothing like Facebook”
Excellent- aren’t we all getting tired of drunk students with their tongues out?

“There is no-one on Google+”
Any shrewd person would relish the fact that there is no competition!

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Google 360 Tours

Google 360 Tours Get a Google Maps 360 of your business and let people see for themselves. What better way to show new customers around? To stand out from the competition? A Big Saving On Advertising. “Google Maps Business View is a full virtual 360° tour of your location” The tour is hosted on Google Maps,…