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Queen longest british monarch google

The Queen on Google Maps

So rightly deserved, her reign has seen our country and commonwealth emerge from the darkest days of the biggest war the world has ever seen.

Her people and country ravaged and bombed but she remained a noble example to aspire to and has the admiration of many of us.

In fact during WWII she even volunteered as an ambulance driver while the city of London was being bombed from the air.

See any public pageant where Her Majesty is present and you will see just how we hold her dear in our hearts.



When cameras were first being invented, that was a similar concern then – it was a major worry at the time.

The truth turned out to be the opposite.

It was a boom to the tourist industry as people came in droves to see for themselves what they had seen in photographs!


Google Free Apps For Business

How to Make More Money? Stop wasting time!

I helped a client a last week who was telling me about how he transitioned his entire company over to work on Google Apps For Business – 200+ office staff lost on average 3 hours a week in time due to software incompatibility issues within the company and 10 hours a week dealing with clients in the bigger world running outdated software!


360 Video

360 Video has just appeared out of nowhere.

Who would of thought it possible just 5 years ago?

Mind you, a lot has happened in 5 years – do remember the time before everybody was saying “Google it”?

What about the iPad- yep, just 5 years old but seems to have been here forever.


Royal British Legion Virtual Tour

The Royal British Legion as an organisation has recently embraced the digital age and the rise of the use of the computer in its recent expansion. Portland RBL is no exception.
As my local Branch I have created this Google Virtual Tour worth over £500 to aid them in welcoming people new to our doors.
If you wish to have the enormous marketing power of Google in helping your branch in the 21st Century then please get in touch.


Award Winning Photography

A constant and exceptional work as the result of his unchallenged creativity. Luke Woods wins the Tourmake Award of July, thanks to his virtue and ability in reproducing with great skill highly suggestive scenarios.
Whether shooting natural areas, restaurants, hotels or B & B, the famous English photographer recognizes the importance of details…


Facebook vs Google +

Its strange how people are so quick to condemn a free Google service.
I know, its all a bit of the David and Goliath syndrome.
Did anyone realise that last June Facebook changed- now you pay to reach your friends.
Google makes things easier and people are ringing the death bell….?

panorama, virtual, tour, 360

Deep Stereo Comes Your Way

Some of you may have seen the surreal images created entirely by Google’s AI or artificial intelligence – an algorithm based neural network was flying around the last few weeks, turning flat Twitter photos into dreamscapes that are the best end to drug dealing I have ever seen!

kite, surf, shop, paddle

Kite Surf Shop Virtual Tour

The traditional method of getting seen was to advertise in magazines, local and national- todays people when they see a paper Ad, first thing they are going to do is to “Google It” and if you are not on Google you don’t exist!