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Virtual reality bigger than TV in 10 years time

Virtual Reality bigger than TV

Virtual Reality bigger than TV in 10 years Tweet Virtual Reality bigger than TV – its a slow steady growth industry. Its worth investing in VR stock for your company now – Business can only do one thing to succeed – sell to people that want what they have. How do we predict future trends and emerging…


Google Street View Mini Worlds

Google Street View Mini Worlds Tweet Some things are timeless? Google Street View goes back in time That which we enjoyed as kids – young people today also enjoy Google street view car – we all love it – its gone mini sized now! Hands up who has seen the wonderful german model railway or…


Weymouth Skate Store Video 360

I have been working on Virtual Reality for some time now.

We have enabled Virtual Reality 360 – you can use the Google Cardboard headset.

Walk around the shop in full 360 from one spot to the next.

I also made a 360 Video of the experience – these are getting a lot of views and shares.


Virtual Reality For Schools

“I am going to make an internet site where people can talk and share photos – and potentially half of the worlds population will use it every day”

Well, thats true- right now!

Mark Zuckerberg – CEO of Facebook has said recently that “Virtual Reality Is The Next Platform”

See what he says about it…