Carphone Warehouse Success Story

See how a partnership with Google and leveraging massive data assets can drive business even to a well established chain.

It can be easy to have less than the desired results with marketing- all too easy to get wrong

Its no secret that Google has been amassing a lot of user data the last few years.

No need to worry- they may know a lot about what people do- but they don’t want or need to know who you are.

At a recent conference an expert was asked a question about all this data- he said

“Well, they know so much about spending habits that they can build things and they just work”

In this project the goal was to investigate how effective online sales advertising is and to review methods with achievable goals.

By partnering with Google and using industry benchmark standards their media methods and presence in Google search was adjusted to boost offline in-store visits.

The results were that search delivered three sales in-store for every one sale online.

See how the team developed a growth strategy

This is a breakthrough in reversing the trend of online spend and high street shop closures.

Phones are a physical product and although technology changes fast, thankfully humans do not- we all like to be able to touch, feel, see, ask before making a commitment with such a vital device as a mobile phone.

If you wish to have people inside there is less costly option



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