Care Home Virtual Tour

Its a good sign of the times that we are all living longer.

The average life expectancy of a man in 1916 was just 46, today its currently 82.

It seems true to say also that we are living in ever smaller homes.

Where do we all live? There is not enough room for everyone.

When we have to think about how to get the best care for our elderly it can be a very difficult decision to make.

Certainly not one to make alone. It concerns the whole family. People of all ages coming together.

Everyone can be involved in a selection process, of course we must see for real.

Elders be comfortable, middle generation decide, youngest have the tech know how.

Here is a good solution – have a look around with a Virtual Tour.

Its easy for everybody to have a look around and see from far away how a care home should be.

You can see on Laptop, Desktop, Mobile, Smartphone, Tablet and can even send it in an email or text message.

The best option can be seen below.

There is another page about Virtual Reality or VR Viewers on my website.

Click HERE to read some more.

It does not cost as much as you may think. A bespoke Virtual Tour for your digital marketing.

It can be embedded in your website easily adding to your web presence.

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Can you put a price on viewing a care home from anywhere in the world?

Can’t put a value on comfort and peace of mind.

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