Best New Virtual Reality Headsets


This will be an exciting year for everybody.

VR has been growing steadily around the world.

Facebook went public with it back in March 2016.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicted that VR will grow steadily.

He was right and wrong – growth has been less peaks and troughs.

Steadier growth than anyone foresaw in the first public year.

Way back in the 1980’s there was a big stalemate between 2 world powers.

NATO, mostly Great Britain and the USA Vs the USSR or Soviet Russia.

This was a result of opposing forces that sought to end World War II.

They met each other in Germany and after that red hot war – a cold war began.

It was a time when all technological and industrial development was a legacy of war.

Many great things we use everyday were invented then:

The Computer – later developed

Secure Messaging, Email –

Intranet = Internet –

Data Storage – Military security.

Many more we don’t know about.

There was ever more need to develop better military tactics.

A world where people could be trained in knowing places they have never seen.

Move in ways that are more effective and to be monitored doing so.

A virtual space where many things can measured about people and the world.

A new reality – a Virtual Reality.

Since the 1980’s there has been 4 era’s of VR awareness to the public.

First was Military – only for Soldiers and Spies. We all knew it was there but kept quiet!

Second was Television – early characters like Max Headroom and the cult film, Lawnmower Man.

Then VR was receding in early millenniums while the world was catching up buying computers.

2010’s we saw a resurgence this time with medicine and surgery evolving VR hardware.

Since early 2000’s the gaming world had been slowly but surely growing in size.

There are markets that we all understand are ready for VR.

Our perceptions have changed rapidly from War – to Porn – to Fun – now News and Torusim.

Google among others has been quietly developing its own take.

Since 2013 the Street View program has been growing globally.


The current major players are in a race to get the best tech done and out to you.

We all have mobile devices now and many have smartphones.

These wonderful things have more brains than was used to put a man on the moon.

For VR Viewers I have been working with Google on the project to make it simple.

Its called Google Cardboard. We are now up to Version 3 or V3 and it works very well.

This along with an App can turn your smartphone into a VR Device.

With an App and a VR Viewer you can enjoy the third dimension – depth – this is 3D

The illusion created by the stereoscopically projected imagery combines to make a mono image in your brain.

This is now a Virtual Reality for you – and wonderful things happen when VR is strapped to your face 🙂

 Hold it! Its not that simple yet 🙂 Nothing is?

Much of this 3D stuff can also be seen in 2D on Facebook and YouTube too.

There are some definitions to understand first.


VR – Virtual Reality

Made from REAL reality – but a multi sensual experience, spatial audio sound.

Not just 360 Video shot with a consumer bought cam.

Will open in YouTube App on mobile – come right back



AR – Augmented Reality

Digital Animations that are overlaid upon the real world around you.


MR – Mixed Reality

Putting digital effects on the world around us – AR/MR overlap

CGR – Computer Generated Reality

This one we all know – Tron for example is a good example of MR and CG realities.


Google Daydream – Computer Animated Reality?

This seems to be a cunning mix of much of the above – its really like an up to date VR Nintendo.

Animated cartooney reality?


What Viewer Do I Use?

I use either a Viewmaster or V3 Google Cardboards I had made with my own branding.

Practical uses we can all enjoy?

VR Weddings – I have just launched a new website.

VR for both bridal parties and wedding venues.

Click on the logo to see VR Weddings there 🙂



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Here is a great write up on headsets – good detail on them.