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Benefits | Virtual Reality | Education.

Or how to drive learning with VR rewards.

Inspiring Self Leadership In Children

We all learned best from play.

Google as a world leader in workplace design

knows this very very well.

I had the honour and delight of being invited to my old primary School

St Marys in Bridport, Dorset to speak about how to not only survive

but prosper in a changing world – not saying anyone is perfect.

Sometimes the way ahead can be a little unclear –

With some military experience – the way is much clearer.

Here is a brief overview of how inspiring children can drive them.

Here is a ten minute edit of a 50 minute

presentation that had the children not only

impressed but alive with excitement.

What was the film you may ask?

Rollercoaster? Wild Bears? Royal Wedding?

It was just a 1 minute VR tour of the town they all live in.

Here is a short edit with some funny timelapse.

The teachers also got to see what all the fuss is about.

Even the Head Teacher experienced the world of tomorrow.

Here is what the kids saw.

It is something they see almost every day.

This proves the power of  “Everyday VR”

— — —

Not just games or CGI VR from the movies.

But everyday experiences can be delightful!

— — —

Click this to see it ‘In App’ on mobile.

If you dont have the YouTube App

You will be redirected to get it.

— — —

Some simple direction on how it works

Hint – kids get it right away 🙂

We had some children under protection order –

we just turned the cameras away from them.

Simple measures carried out in advance.

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