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360 Video - be first with interactive Video
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360 VR Video – Virtual Reality

Tilt the screen to see all around on mobile and with mouse on desktop.

Not only vision but sound in a full VR Virtual Reality Immersive experience.

This is a premium service edited in our 12K digital editing suite.

We aim to provide value for money not expensive disappointment. 


Partner up and lets be first with new media.

Why Do I Need It?

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Attract new business
  • All generations respond
  • 360 VR Video is magic

How Does 360 VR Video Work?

Imagine a video where you decide what the camera sees.

We can put cameras where people can have a wow factor experience.

It is quite simply Video that we all know, but the camera sees all around.

Sound is an important part of any visual experience, we also capture 360 sound.


Give people a view they will want more of.

What is VR? What is 360 Video?

Quite simply 360 Video sees all around.

We create stories from 360 Video.

Anything and everything at its best.

We add sound from many angles.

Subtle lighting to direct the viewer.

Put all that on a mobile device in a VR Viewer- its VR.



Tap on the pic above – it will open up 

YouTube App or help you get it. 


Imagine sharing a wedding or special event

Not everyone can make it.

People can see by private link.

Full immersion in your golden day.


Best viewed on a mobile device

with the YouTube App.

iPhone and Android

Click on the cog for 4K!

You can make all films private

or share them to the world!

Look at those view stats – 13 Million in just one year!

Yeah it’s a big brand – but it’s 360 Video that gets the views.

Funny thing is everybody likes a scare!

We all like a thrill and VR gets us closer than ever!


The big brands are investing heavily in VR

SkyVR will be bringing VR sport.

Discovery even have their own Virtual Reality division.

Its becoming the expected standard.

Get VR before everyone else.

Its what the people are turning to.

How can you share a day out?

Show the world your event?

See it all in 360 VR Video!


Fully Optimised for Mobile

With the YouTube App.

Click to download 

iPhone and Android

Click on the cog for 4K!

Not restricted to standing still

With have the kit to shoot movement.

Again the view counts are huge.


Time waits for nobody.

This new media is clearly here to stay.

Lets partner up and be first.

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Welcome in new customers

People are surprised when they see inside?

Open up to new audiences in 360 VR Video!


360 VR Video

Get the YouTube App.

Click to download 

iPhone and Android

Click on the 3 dots for 4K!

Tell a story with the viewers in the video

The world moves around the viewer.

Get people involved first person.


Newspapers are rubbish tomorrow

360 VR Video is found everyday.

Lets partner up and be first.

Click Let’s Talk to get started.


Pre Production Planning

We have the equipment and the knowledge to produce

your immersive 360° video experience.

Trained by the GoPro Kolor Academy

in all aspects of VR content production.

With all the new hardware hitting the market,

it can be confusing.

Let us determine what your project needs,

deliver satisfaction for all.

Shooting and Capture

With a 360° capture everything is in frame,

knowing where to place the cameras is crucial.

Sound is a crucial part of the experience,

spatial audio delivers an emotional depth.

We have all the fixings gadgets and tools

to capture the best from any scene.

We’ll give you that special vantage point

that only 360° can deliver.

Post Production

Stitching several video feeds,

working with massive files.

VR can be a daunting task.

Stabilizing movement and motion for comfort,

getting the ultimate user experience.

We’ve been there – we’ve done it,

From idea to final release –

we will take care of the whole project.

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