Learning in 360

The way we learn is changing everyday.

With new and more interactive ways of people seeing new experiences.

How do we sit together as people to learn?

Over the centuries we as people have had nearly 3 million years of learning in the round.


Look at the world’s oldest theatres – ancient Greeks had round amphitheatres.

The Romans brought them to Europe – we have them all around us.

If you watch children they sit in circles and learn as a group.

We have a new interactive way of bringing the classroom to you.

VR 360 Video

Bring people into your classroom.

A learning experience in the round.

Research proves that interactive learning helps.

We see so much today it’s easy to forget.


360 Learning Classrooms

VR 360 Video- Click to see a VR VIdeo 

What better way to help people to remember – involve them.

Why not show your clients how you teach by involving the class?

Hire us to capture your classroom in VR 360 Video.

You can embed in your website – share on facebook.

VR 360 Video shows high reach and views – ask us for more info.  


We learned a lot about 360 media with the Google Street View program.

Let us help you be first with new media.

Statistics prove that when people interact they are engaged.

We all love to look around and see something new.

Lets talk about your VR 360 Video experience.

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